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NEW YEAR: Si vis pacem, para bellum!!!

15 de janeiro de 2016
História da Rússia. Império Russo. Guerra Patriótico contra Napoleão. F. Robeau. Batalha de Borodino

History of Russia War against Napoleon. F. Robeau. Battle of Borodino

The end of the year is marked by exchanges of greetings and good wishes: Happy New Year!  Good health, peace, happiness, etc.   Not to mention the achievement or renewal of pledges: “-In 2016, I will finally stop smoking!”.   “-In the coming year I will pass the contest for justice!”   Thus, everything that seemed impossible before, has its hopes renewed thanks to the “magic gateway” of change from one year to another.  Some even resort to mystical strategems like jumping seven waves on New Year’s Eve, dressing in white, making offerings to Yemanjá, etc.   But is this gateway really magical?   We all have practical experience in what, in fact, it is not.   Perhaps on the very night of New Year’s we have already broken some of our promises, despite good intentions.   But how can we really achieve the goals that we set, be they dietary, professional, or related to human and personal growth and improvement?   Once, while visiting the Fort of Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro, I read the following Latin phrase on the gateway of the entrance: “Si vis pacem, para bellum”, which means, “if you want peace, prepare for war”.   In other words, peace, true peace is the result of war…against ourselves…against our vices, weaknesses and flaws, which limit us and lead us to defeat in the quest to achieve our ideals.   Thus, as with all war, it is necessary that we have a strategy and, above all, determination.   In the book The Way of Perfection, Saint Teresa teaches her spiritual daughters, saying that “most important, above all, is a great and firm determination to not stop until you arrive at the source of living water… whatever the cost… Although the world falls down we will proceed” (21,2).   The real enemy of our ideals is often ourselves.   Therefore, if we really want to win and achieve our goals, it is necessary to declare war against ourselves and have the “determined determination” that Saint Teresa spoke to us about.   With that, our greetings, good wishes and promises for 2016 will become reality.   HAPPY 2016!  

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