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You can’t buy happiness

6 de junho de 2015

Happiness-Day-Wallpapers-8Folha online published a report commenting on research in the scientific journal “PNAS” about the main factors of happiness and unhappiness in people’s lives. Interviews were made with more than 450 thousand Americans.
It was discovered, for example, that lonely people feel very unhappy, even in comparison with those who suffer from a chronic health problem. Having children, on the other hand, brings happiness. In regard to income, to be happy, it is important not to be rich, but to not be poor.
The most important factor of well-being, however, is to be religious.
But the interesting part of this research is that it coincides with the ideas of realist philosophy. In this sense, the philosopher Ricardo Yepes Stork comments the following: “The good life was for the Classics the one that contains and possess the most appreciate goods: the family and the sons at home, a moderate wealth, the good friends, good luck and fortune that pushes aside the misfortune, the fame, the honour, the good health, and, above all, a nourish life in the contemplation of the truth and in the practice of the virtue”. (cfr. Fundaments of Anthropology) Brazilian Institute of Philosophy and Science “Ramon Llull” Publisher).
Another fact that stands out is faith as the only factor that wins the money in pursuit of happiness. But why? In my view, precisely because of that faith, if consistent and vitalized, provides above all a life nourished in the contemplation of truth and the practice of virtue, not counting our need for eternity. According to the teaching of the same Yepes, “Man wants to leave time behind and go ahead of it, to a region where love and happiness are never cut off, where he will be safe from any eventuality and be made definitive. On the other hand, the intended to a loved one makes us see that a human being is not sufficient to accumulate the potentially infinite capacities of man. God is the supreme happiness of man, because it is he that fully fills the desire that marks all men’s life. God is the friend who never fails Only with God the destiny of man with him is guaranteed, because any other is fallible, insecure, and mortal.
We see, then, that, to be happy, It is not needed a comfortable life in richness, but a heart in love (S. Josemaria Escriva, Sulco, n 795).

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